Light metal structures (LMS) are buildings with comparatively small bays in which wall and roof protection is made with the use of sheet shaped metal and lightweight synthetic heat insulation. An LMS building is a building constructed on the frame structure of load-bearing frames with different protective constructions.

Our Solution

  • Concept and Design

Designers of the company Infiniti Group together with experts from Europe will help the Customer to understand the prospects of the object development for 5-10 years into the future, conducting an international examination if necessary. Selection of the concept at this stage substantially affects the cost of operation and potential profitability of the object. The mode of operation is provided by the use of both internal and external design resources depending on the project type and Customer's preferences.

  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Our team of architects and engineers offers to their clients an expanded list of services for object design and architecture. Regardless of the task complexity, the group of designers gives their Customers the most optimal solution. At all project stages, Infiniti Group supports effective dialogue with the Customer in order to provide maximal information and control for the whole project duration. Using the traditional design approach in the process of design formation, Infiniti Group will offer full drawings of all constructional and architectural units including construction management technology and main contract works performance. The integrated services of our company are meant for the effective functioning of the Customer's business and include a combination of the object design and concept support with solution of implementation methods. The integrated engineering services include process management in different fields such as equipment selection, installation and commissioning, definition of the optimal operational temperature, and humidity of the object and air circulation control. Infiniti Group provides services in the territorial study of equipment, preliminary and final equipment selection: price analysis, supply chain management, quality assurance, management of subcontractors, and communications and safety.

    • Construction

    Infiniti Group offers services for Customer's choice on the design or construction of buildings, as well as the full variety of services. The company Infiniti Group’s technology for conducting civil work and construction management is based on the project budget formation and work schedules with presenting to the Customer of the information in real time. Upon the Customer's request, we form the tender offer, prepare the contract for the Customer, supply materials and equipment, co-ordinate the work of all suppliers, present the current prices for raw materials and other materials, and perform other works connected with construction.

    • lower cost in comparison with permanent structures at comparable service life;
    • short terms of delivery and installation of buildings and constructions;
    • simplified preparation of the preliminary permissions for construction;
    • possibility to consider in full volume both the architectural and operational requirements of the consumer;
    • possibility for transformation of buildings and constructions right up until dismounting and transportation to another site.
    • construction of warehouses, pre-fabricated buildings;
    • placing of warehouses for industrial products and foodstuffs, different equipment;
    • agricultural products storage and processing;
    • garages for cars and heavy haulers;
    • refrigerating equipment installation;
    • industrial production placing;
    • placing of exhibitions, fairs and markets, sports and fitness complexes.