Sandwich panels are modern construction material featuring unique properties. Today sandwich panels are successfully used in residential and in industrial construction. Owing to their structure, sandwich panels have high margin of safety, and their low weight enables significant reduction of transportation, loading and installation costs.

Due to their low weight, sandwich panels significantly reduce basement load. Buildings and constructions from sandwich panels are produced at a factory, after which they have to be delivered to the site and to be assembled as an erector set. That is why construction from sandwich panels takes significantly less time than from conventional construction materials. If required, the building from sandwich panels may be easily demounted and assembled at any other place.

Application of sandwich panels:
  • industrial and civil projects
  • terminals for transit goods
  • shopping and entertainment centers, supermarkets and shops
  • exhibition and sporting-and-concert complexes, business centers
  • maintenance stations, repair shops, parkings, petrol stations and other types of pre-fabricated and mobile

    In terms of application and construction conditions the panels may be used in all regions of the Russian Federation with permissible standard values of wind and snow load. Degree of atmospheric aggressiveness - non-aggressive or slightly aggressive environment at a panel outer surface temperature from - 65° С to +75° С, an inner panel surface temperature of up to +30° С, relative humidity of air inside the buildings below 60%. The sandwich panels with the PIR and PUR cores are produced on the Italian continuous pouring production line by Saip and Simimpianti.


    Wall | Roof

    Roof sandwich panels are used for They are widely used for roofing of industrial, administrative, office, sporting, social, shopping and other types of constructions. The outer surfaces of the sandwich panel skins have corrosion-proof coating featuring high resistance to rubbing, acid environment exposure and ultraviolet radiation.

    Wall panels are manufactured with an installed width of 1180 mm, an overall width of 1200 mm, a length from 2000 mm to 9000 mm, an overall depth of 100, 120 mm.

    Roof panel with PKB-Type Profileless Connection

    Roof Panel Dimensions
    Designation T, mm t1, mm t2, mm Weight, kg/m2
    PKBOK-0.5-100 х 1180 х L 100 68±0,5 62±0,5 12,27
    PKBOK-0.5-120 х 1180 х L 120 88±0,5 82±0,5 13,17

    PKBOK - three-layer profileless roof panel with protective/decorative polymer coating
    L - panel length (from 2000 to 9000 mm) with ±JT12/2 tolerance

    Attention, the roof panel depth in the designation is determined as а maximum depth of the insulation between the skins.
    Bearing Capacity of Roof Sandwich Panels
    Panel depth, mm Permissible load, kg/m2 at a span length of 3.0 m Breaking load, kg/m2 at a span length of 3.0 m
    100 272 560
    120 332 626
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    • lower cost in comparison with permanent structures at comparable service life;
    • short terms of delivery and installation of buildings and constructions;
    • simplified preparation of the preliminary permissions for construction;
    • possibility to consider in full volume both the architectural and operational requirements of the consumer;
    • possibility for transformation of buildings and constructions right up until dismounting and transportation to another site.
    • construction of warehouses, pre-fabricated buildings;
    • placing of warehouses for industrial products and foodstuffs, different equipment;
    • agricultural products storage and processing;
    • garages for cars and heavy haulers;
    • refrigerating equipment installation;
    • industrial production placing;
    • placing of exhibitions, fairs and markets, sports and fitness complexes.